Your People Need You
In the ashes of the Milky Way, Humanity is a luxury that mankind cannot afford. The universe as you knew it is gone. Empires are gone. Cultures gone. Worlds. In the wake of the Extinction, you lead your survivors. Your people need hope, but only Hades 9 remains.
Hell Is Real
And you count it as safe harbour. This vast alien station is the last bastion of humanity, a stinking cesspool of mankind. It is a nightmarish realm of the damned, a port to pirates, a den to thieves. Can you trust the Admiral who berths beside you?
Every journey is fraught with peril, Admiral. The damned lurk amidst the debris of ruined homeworlds, danger stalks at the edges of your fleet, probing for weakness, and disaster shadows you. It lingers in the deepest reaches of the Milky Way for the ambitious and overconfident. To survive, you must improvise, adapt and overcome.
Or Will You Thrive?
The old era is dead, abandoned alongside the ruined worlds we left behind. In this new era, power dictates. To survive is to recognize it. To thrive is to profit by it. But what is power? It is the minds aboard your science vessels. It is the weapons that your engineers design. It is the Commanders you lead. It is the battle-hardened crew beside you. It is the information your strategic officers uncover. It is the knowledge that they are all currencies to be traded and exploited for your own gain.
Hades 9 represents the actualization of the dream we all share, the very same dream we want to share with you. A deeply immersive space-faring MMORTS. However, our dream is greater than that simple summary. We want you to lead your fleet through victory and disaster. We want you to guide your people through the ruined galaxy left behind by the Extinction and to do so with your Commanders, your loyal officers, fighting alongside you. We would have you walk the ruined streets of Hades 9, stand at the dry docks as your ship is refitted, or watch the salvage teams work on a wreck you brought back to harbour. We aren’t building a game, we’re building a world. A world where you command from the bridge or the tactical view. A world you are fully immersed into and a world that all of you will help shape as an Admiral of mankind’s surviving fleets. We want you to experience command as never before.
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