HADES 9 Monthly Update Summary April 2018

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Below is a composition of all the news and updates we have been releasing over the last month on the new HADES 9 website, Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. If you want to stay up to date with the latest news on development, provide feedback, or hang out with a bunch of nerds come join us on our Discord: https://discord.gg/7XZyNUC

HADES 9 Devchat videos

We continued making videos about the development of HADES 9, some of which in collaboration with Isaac Arthur, who is the technical and lore writer.

Hades 9 Devchat: Ship Damage

Nick, Ryan, and Isaac discuss the way damage effects will be used in the game, both by giving visual queues about the health of a ship, targeting subsystems, etc.

Since this video was recorded, we have updated the way that damage effects are shown on ships. Since this video was recorded the damage effects system has been improved further. For example, the fracturing looks better now (a slower more lumbering effect), the smoke has been improved and we have generally been fine-tuning the whole.

We have only introduced a lot of these updated effects a day or so ago, so we’ll show this system off in a little while when we’ve had the chance to make some effects and shoot footage.

Hades 9 Devchat: Insanity

Nick, Guo, and Isaac talk about the lore and current situation in the HADES 9 universe. (Guo’s voice is a bit hard to hear, which is something we hope to fix in future episodes featuring him.)

HADES 9 Behind the scenes

While we are working on new features or updating current ones, we try to record some of the work we are working on that we hope is interesting to the audience. The footage and screenshots below are not very polished, because they are recorded or shot straight in the development environment while we are working on them. Hopefully, you guys will find it interesting!

The Flagship’s internal environment

Nick has been going nuts on an upgrade for the internal environment of the Flagship over the last week or so. Below you can see the current state of the hallways and so forth. If you have any feedback for us, please let us know!

Crew bunks


Officer’s Quarters


Corridor with view out into space or some internal hold


Room with machinery


HADES 9 – Behind the Scenes WIP – Camera Shake


Camera shake is a cool effect that helps to immerse the player, great examples of cam shake used in RTS games would be Company of Heroes and Dawn of War series. When the camera is near a gun that fires, impact detonations, or exploding ships, for example, the camera will shake and produce some other effects depending on the severity and type of explosion. This system also carries over to when you are inside your flagship and it is hit by very heavy weapons.

HADES 9 – Behind the Scenes WIP – Destruction animation and effects

An early version of the death animations and effects. Since this video was recorded almost everything has been improved upon and we’ll be posting some more up to date versions soon. The fracturing you see of a battleship near the end, for example, has been drastically slowed down to give a more massive feel to the units.

HADES 9 Short Stories

Guo Zhan Tong has kept producing a few short stories a week about the world of HADES 9 since we launched the new website for HADES 9. If you want to keep up to date with all the stories, you can check them out over here: https://hades9.com/short-stories/

Short 4 – Working In Danger

Short 5 – The Ghosts of War

Short 6 – EVE

Short 7 – When Money Talks

Short 8 – Waste Not

Short 9 – Price of Command

Short 10  – The Tribunal

Short 11 – The Press

Short 12 – Skirmish Sequence

Short 13 – Value of Nothing


We really hope you like these shorts, if you have any feedback for our writer, have any ideas for future stories, or want to get in contact with the writer, join us on Discord! Guo is on there way too much, so you should be able to get in contact with him!



That’s all for this month if you want to stay up to date with the latest news, and want to be involved in the design discussions, please join us on Discord or the social media below!


If you would like to help out, we are always looking for people who would like to volunteer as a voice actor or any other thing you’d be interested in volunteering for.



Legion Tech

– Nick, Matt, Luuk, Jorge, Ryan

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