HADES 9 June 2018 update! (New gameplay teaser video!)

Hey everyone!

As you may have picked up on if you are active on our Discord, we have been hard at work the last couple of days to get your guys a good new look at what the current state of the game is, as well as some peaks at future features we are currently working on. Please have a look, we hope you enjoy it!

As you all know, it’s still alpha work, but we are pretty damn proud with how it is turning out already!

HADES 9 Behind the scenes

The last few days a lot of different major and minor systems have come together, both new systems as well as bug fixes or upgrades for exisiting systems that we have been working on.

To give you an idea of the changes we have been working on, here are some examples:

  • Weapon sub-systems:
    • All weapons now have the correct ranges, and they check whether they are still in range or not for every shot they take.
    • Weapon firing arcs have been updated to be a bit more lenient. Needs more tweaking, however.
    • We used to have a bug that means that sometimes weapons fired from the wrong location on the ship, this has now been fixed.
    • Missiles are also about to change. They will look the same, but on the back end, they will actually function like ships while in flight. This means that we can give missiles different kinds of engine characteristics, health, damage output, and more. It will also mean that at that point they can be shot down by defensive fire while in flight.
    • We are going to do some work on bullet trajectories. While in combat they look fine, but when firing at quick moving targets they sometimes have to track ships a bit too obvious for our liking (assuming that the server has determined that the shot was a hit), so we are for those instances we will have to make them look a bit better. This will probably be done by speeding the projectiles up a little to make the effect much less noticeable, or by making them lead the target. While ships are actively fighting this will not be an issue as is, because ships need time to accel and deccel, but when ambushing a fast-moving fleet it can be noticeable.

  • Movement:
    • The new movement system designed by one of the volunteers on Discord has been successfully implemented and is working beautifully. (Thanks again Redbird!)
    • This new movement system follows “Newtonian” rules, meaning that ships will have to accelerate and decelerate properly. This will have an influence on combat as ships will have high top speeds but will need time to reach it and then slow down again.

This is what the movement system looked like during development, don’t worry I don’t really get what is going on either, but you can see the lines accelerate and decelerate as they near their target.


  • Gameplay:
    • Another volunteer on our Discord, called Blackhammer, has been at work on our fighter system. This footage is a bit older, but I wanted to show it anyways (very work in progress!):
    • Targetable sub-systems! As you may have seen quickly drift by in the video, we are now working on a system that allows you to target and disable or destroy specific parts of enemy ships. This should make SW: Empire at War and Homeworld fans such as myself happy :). All ships from the flagship down to cruisers will likely have targetable sub-systems, though how this will exactly work is something we are working on right now.
    • Updates have also been made to the ship destruction. Ships breaking up has been slowed down significantly to give a better sense of scale.
      Furthermore, Ryan and Jorge have also done more work on the damage decals for the ship. Shots that penetrate shielding and any active defenses now leave scorch marks where they impact, increasing in severity all over the ship as more damage is taken. The system to support the damage effects still needs a little work but is nearly done.
    • The ship internals have been improved and expanded further again, with better lighting, animated doors, and new locations to visit.

Of course, loads more little and big changes are being made under the hood every day, but these were the most interesting ones I think.



While we were making the video at the top, we have also collected a whole bunch of screenshots and other videos, so please feel free to check them out if you want. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13qFE5rckbFFIqs5PlC7G_AEwF0aMbnRc




That’s all for this month if you want to stay up to date with the latest news, and want to be involved in the design discussions, please join us on Discord or the social media below!

If you would like to help out, we are always looking for people who would like to volunteer as a voice actor or any other thing you’d be interested in volunteering for.


As always thanks to all our volunteers as well as people who help support the game through pre-orders as well as through Patreon!



Legion Tech

– Nick, Matt, Luuk, Jorge, Ryan

Website: www.hades9.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/fTaC5K8

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hades9Game

Twitter: www.twitter.com/hades9game

Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/hades9


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