HADES 9 July 2018 update – Fighters, Music, and more!

Hey all you guys!

Time for the July 2018 update! We’ve got a whole bunch of cool stuff to show off that is currently coming out the pipeline!

Fighters and Carriers

Though some work still needs to happen, the fighters, bombers, and interceptors are nearly good to be deployed ingame! This means that we will start sharing videos soon of (escort-) carriers launching bombers, fighters, and interceptors at their enemies, as you can see in the video below. The special effects, as well as the size, are still a work in progress, among things, so you can expect it to look a lot better by the time we are done with it.

The complement of strike craft carried by a ship depends on the size and amount of bays designed for their deployment. So while some ships may be able to field a single squadron, to field truly massive numbers of fighters, bombers, or interceptors, you will need to field a Carrier-type Flagships or bring Escort-Carriers along in the fleet. These Carriers often field little firepower by themselves, though often bristling with point defense weapons, so they rely on their strike craft compliment to be truly dangerous as well as on other Escort ships to keep themselves safe.

The new HADES 9 score!

Work on more music for HADES 9 has started a little while ago when were contacted by the very talented Nikola Nikita Jeremic who was very interested in creating a new score for HADES 9! The first thing we have started on is 5 tracks of Ambient music, and we wanted to give you all a sneak peak into the first track that we just got back! It is still work in progress, so it may still change a little here and there, but we are very happy with what he has produced for us so far.

New Ringed Jovian map!

As you may have already seen in the first video up above, we have a new map for HADES 9! This massive ringed jovian-class planet has a massive frozen asteroid ring that was crawling with human mining operations and habitats. Abandoned since the Apocalyse forced the last suriving occupants to flee in search for  supplies, it is now a hot spot for many an Admiral in search for easy  technologies, stored resources, or other easy pickings.

Chains That Bind – a HADES 9 short story

Last month we also released another short story in the HADES 9 universe, by Guo Zhan Tong! I hope you all enjoy it, and if you do so or have any feedback, don’t be afraid to drop a message to him on Discord, he always likes to discuss his stories!

New Ships!

Over the next month or so  I (Luuk) will also be working on expanding the current fleet a lot, I hope to get about 10 extra escorts in and available for testing soon, as well as 2 Flagship-sized models! These will all need their own weapons, special effects, stats, and more, so it’s a lot of work, but it is fun to do and show off to you folks! Also, since we have the Fighter system mostly done now, I can start creating components to place on the ships so we can start real testing and balancing with them!

That’s all for this month if you want to stay up to date with the latest news, and want to be involved in the design discussions, please join us on Discord or the social media below!

If you would like to help out, we are always looking for people who would like to volunteer as a voice actor or any other thing you’d be interested in volunteering for.

As always thanks to all our volunteers as well as people who help support the game through pre-orders as well as through Patreon!


Legion Tech

– Nick, Matt, Luuk, Jorge, Ryan

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