Generation L

“They have left us behind, but they shall not be allowed to forget us.” – Graffiti near ground-zero, Richmond Arcology

As implants became commonplace in all strata of society there were increasingly larger disparities between those who owned implants and those who didn’t. Early implants were designed to expand human memory storage. They were crude by our standards with an incident failure rate of 0.01%.

Biological rejection was extremely common at 1% of Earthsphere’s population.

As implants grew more sophisticated it was matched with a reduction in rejection rates.

Inevitably though, a large number of people in Earthsphere’s distant past found themselves unable to use implants. By the 5th millenia, implants were not only mandatory within the arcologies but tied directly to citizenship.

Without an implant, one could not expect access to education, a career, healthcare or even the chance to vote. Officially, those without were referred to as the Lost Generation; an entire body of people who had, by genes alone been disqualified from society.

Tensions reached a fever pitch by the middle of the 5th millenia, when an EMP bomb was detonated in the Richmond arcology. With a death toll just shy of a million, the governments of Earthsphere were roused into action.

These castaways came to be labelled Generation Ludd after an ancient progress-terrorist.

To this date, refusal to accept implanting is illegal.

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