Serving Mankind” – Vattek Slogan

Vattek ranks itself amongst Earthsphere’s oldest surviving corporations. It was founded not long after the second wave of arcologies were completed. Their core business, recycling industrial materials, secured a niche within the resource strapped arcologies during Earthsphere’s early years.

As Earthsphere’s arcologies struggled with food shortages and overpopulation, Vattek diversified into vertical farming. While profitable, this did little to ease the pressure on the arcologies although Vattek’s decision to diversify into ‘strategic’ sectors helped ensure their survival through the famines of the early arcology period.

However, Vattek’s rise to prominence came swift on the heels of the collapse of the Fujiyama arcology after their disastrous attempt to implement a cull. Earthsphere was quick to back Vattek’s solution: Vatflesh.

Pre-Extinction, Vattek ranked 3rd in colony investment programmes and enjoyed a high success rate in colonial debt collection.

Vattek’s core competencies on Hades include but are not limited to: biological recycling, agriculture, cloning and electronic brains.

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