Category: Behind the Scenes

HADES 9 June 2018 update! (New gameplay teaser video!)

Hey everyone! As you may have picked up on if you are active on our Discord, we have been hard at work the last couple of days to get your guys a good new look at what the current state of the game is, as well as some peaks at future features we are currently […]

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HADES 9 Monthly Update Summary April 2018

Hey everyone! Below is a composition of all the news and updates we have been releasing over the last month on the new HADES 9 website, Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. If you want to stay up to date with the latest news on development, provide feedback, or hang out with a bunch of nerds […]

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HADES 9 – Q&A #1

Behind the Scenes blog posts This is the first Q&A we did in response to questions that we have been frequently asked on Discord, Facebook, twitter, and so on. While we will of course be answering questions everywhere all the time, as we can, we will also be collecting questions that we get asked a […]

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