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    • Amberlight Participant
      April 27, 2018 at 6:19 am #1207
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      Greetings, Admirals. HADES 9 is an independent project with very limited marketing budget. Thus, less costly marketing methods must be utilized. The most efficient one is YouTube. By having popular YouTubers showcase H9 we can reach out to a large audience with near zero costs. To that end it’d be very useful to have a list of YouTubers that H9 devs can reach out to when the time is right.
      If you know of any YouTube channel that has an audience that can potentially be interested in HADES9, post it here. It will be more convenient if you adhere to the following form:

      Channel name
      Link to the channel
      Number of subscribers
      Topics that the channel covers
      Your own comments

      Scott Manley
      703k subs
      Topics: Space in general, Space science, Sci-fi games.
      Scott is a major YouTuber when it comes to anything related to space and games about space. His audience are science, sci-fi and gaming fans – exactly the people we want. Scott is also keen on trying out new games so having him play and make a video on H9 shouldn’t be too hard.


    • Amberlight Participant
      April 27, 2018 at 6:24 am #1208
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      Arch Warhammer
      146k subs
      Topics: Warhammer 40k/fantasy, Strategy games
      Arch is a big Warhammer channel who is no stranger to trying and showcasing non-WH games, especially when they have strategy elements. His audience are fans of Warhammer 40k, which means they love enormous spaceships, grimdark universes and RTS combat.

    • nick nieuwoudt Moderator
      May 4, 2018 at 2:52 am #1233
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      This user is a Hades 9 Founder
      This user owns a Stolos Bond
      This user works for Legion Tech

      Captain Jack
      100k Subs
      Topics: Sci fi ship-based games
      Decent activity videos regularly get 500k+ views and are quite on topic with a lot of capital ship vs capital style of games.

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