Your Flagship

Your personal warship, the flagship is the centre of your fleet. Design it to fit your playstyle.

The Bridge

Your Bridge

Your Flagship’s internals are waiting for you, Admiral. Interact with your crew, explore and experience command in real time as never before.

The Fleet

Your Fleet

From warships to freighters, escorts to supply ships, your fleet is a delicate balance.

Seamless RPG / RTS

Hades 9 is not most RTS games. Immerse yourself in the role of an Admiral of one of mankind’s surviving fleets. Command from the bridge of your flagship, watch the battle unfold before you as you take advantage of the seamless switch between Tactical and Bridge view.

Every order might be your last, Admiral.


Every fleet needs experienced and talented officers to keep the sailors in line. Promote and assign commanders throughout your fleet’s escorts, temper them in the fire of war and forge them into officers worthy of your flagship.

Their lives and deaths are at your discretion. Will you endeavour to protect them? Or treat them as red-shirts?


The heart of your fleet, your home in the void, your multi-kilometre bunker from the imminent heat-death of plasma torpedoes, the flagship is your ship. There are many like it, but this one is yours.

Construct your flagship to your specifications in Hades 9’s shipyards and customise its subsystems and weaponry.


Assemble a fleet of escorts, obtain different escort roles and designs, as you wage war across the galaxy in the name of Truth, Justice and the Terran Way.* Select vessels with abilities that bolster your strengths, or choose to cover your weaknesses, your fleet, your choice.

*Post-Extinction life may feature very little Truth, Justice and Terran Way, please consult your local survivors.

RTS Fleet Survival

To undock from Hades, to sally forth into the depths of space, is to begin a journey. The longest journeys to the farthest reaches provide the greatest benefit to you, but space is fraught with peril. You are not the only Admiral underway.

Success is measured in ships preserved, glory in systems jumped and victory in safe returns.

But, never hesitate to spend the lives of your sailors to achieve your goal. Survival, Admiral. Never lose sight of it.

Open world MMO

Hades 9, this hell, is our only safe harbour in a galaxy now bereft of Humanity. Beyond the jump gates lie soulless worlds, lost fleets and the cruel laughter of an uncaring cosmos.

And enormous opportunities.

Think of it, Admiral, every shattered station, every scrapped shipyard, every silent star.

An entire galaxy, now the corpse of mankind’s civilisation, lies there. Ripe for the taking.

The last Bastion of Humanity

Hades is two things.

For those who know it, it is a vast alien structure, built by creatures long gone, for purposes unknown. It is our home now, shelter for the remnants of mankind.

For those who understand it, Hades 9 is a beast, with battleships for bones, survivors for flesh and corporations for a heart. The Admiral who feeds that beast is the true master of our hell.

Player run Economy

Only a complete and utter bastard would not mourn the extinction of our species.

Fortunately, Admiral, I never knew my father.

With all the galaxy gone, there is room only for a single market. A market where everything and anything an Admiral brings into harbour is a good worth obtaining. Officers are traded with as much ease as salvaged weapons and research designs.

Is it morally grey? Yes.

Will people pose questions? Yes.

“How much?”

Alliance / Armadas

Even in a shattered galaxy there exist threats far beyond the capability of any single Admiral to take on. To that end, Admiral, there is some advantage to be had in forming alliances and joining an Armada.

Take on Hades’ most dire threats, explore the darkest corners of the galaxy and place yourself and your allies in position to challenge Hades’ High Admirals.

Coop / Flotillas

Not every Admiral you meet beyond Hades 9 is a target to be voided. A flotilla acting together can weather a journey better, travel further and take on greater dangers.

Even sworn enemies can choose to cooperate, working together for their own mutual survival. This isn’t the academy anymore, no neat battlelines and clear IFF beacons. No Red-Fleet/Blue-Fleet. Survival comes first, do what you must.

However, Admiral, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to keep the ‘void-‘em-and-let-Hades-sort-’em-out’ button close.

Just in case.

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