Help Fund Hades 9

We left a major publisher to create this game. We did NOT want a game that ties your sense of accomplishment to your wallet.

We believe good features mean fun games, fun games sell well.
~Legion Tech Business Strategy


So, to you, we look for assistance in the funding of development.

You may be wondering “If I were to help fund development, what does my money do?”.

  • Servers: A necessity. Our least sexy and most important item for development and launch.
  • Asset production: From textured clothing to modelled ships, from battle chatter to dreadnoughts shuddering under a barrage of nukes. Everything you interact with needs to be created by someone.
  • Hardware & software: Hardware is prone to wear and tear. Software licensing is far more expensive than you might think.
    If you have never had to pay for professional software, one nasty example you could check out is:
  • Developers: Much as we’d like to pretend otherwise, we’re not machines. We need to eat. We need to pay rent. We have bills.


Ways to help:

  • Pre-order the game at a massive discount!
  • Stolos Bonds: Buy a store credit bond and receive up to 72% extra credit on top of the purchase value!
  • Patreon: Support us on Patreon for only $2+ a month and get access to exclusive short stories as well as a Patreon-only discord channel to chat with the devs at any time.

If you have time to spare, check out Help Build Hades 9