Corporate Espionage

“Hey, mind if I sit here?”   Those were the words that had turned a dreary evening into a fun, laughter-filled time for Francis Trellen. Francis grinned nervously over his drink at the woman opposite him who flashed a charming grin at him and clinked her glass with his. She had a shock of blue […]

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Special Effects Blog

Hey guys! Today’s update will mostly be to show off what the game currently looks like in development. So lots of sexy gifs and images showing our ships, combat effects, and new planet designer. — To begin with, planet design is going very well our rendering pipeline for planets aims to produce a recent apocalyptic […]

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Demands With Menaces

It was not everyday that the citizens and digizens of Hades were treated to the spectacle of a Navy lander on an attack run. The dark, hard angled object screamed over habitation stacks like a vengeful angel of death. The flare of its thruster backwash melted the roofs of the cheap prefabs that populated the […]

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Working In Danger

A trillion tons of gold is not worth even a fraction of its weight. But even the Navy needs conductive wires. Jhanis Ter stretched and eased himself out of Fugu’s cockpit, squeezing his bulk past the gap between command chair and viewport. Every year that passed saw the distance between his belly and the endless […]

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HADES 9 Update: March 8, 2018

Hey Guys!   With the launch of our new website we would like to thank Graeme Mole & Julian Bouman for being awesome human beings and web designers, willing to donate their spare time in order to get it all organized and working great in no time!   Our other announcement for today is that […]

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