Serve and Protect*

“I got a runner! Track my bug, in pursuit, suspect one hundred metres coreward of my beacon.”   The figure in flight sped up, weaving between the Rim citizens too slow to clear out of his way. His progress was hampered by the burning pain that seared through his head. The cause was clear, he […]

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HADES 9 Monthly Update Summary April 2018

Hey everyone! Below is a composition of all the news and updates we have been releasing over the last month on the new HADES 9 website, Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. If you want to stay up to date with the latest news on development, provide feedback, or hang out with a bunch of nerds […]

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Value of Nothing

Boom went the door as it came off its hinges. Bang went the gun as its owner fired at the silhouettes crowding the door frame. Bink went the Metropolitan stun grenade as it bounced across the floor. “Bugger,” wheezed the perp. —– Detective Jack Palmer always found it amazing how much information could be imparted […]

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Skirmish Sequence

“Battlestations! Battlestations!”   The cry resounded through the ship, carried throughout Lyssa’s Fury by the ship’s tannoy. The internal lighting flashed to danger red and the crew sprang into action.   Captain Galweigh finished sealing his survival suit’s helmet, gloved hands falling away from the Erracom brand on the lock. The suit connected to the […]

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The Press

“Mantikor!”   The cry was taken up by eight other voices and ended in a roar that all but drowned out the dull thump of the man’s head hitting the table. A stack of shot glasses rattled and fell, rolling around the table, but the score didn’t matter. What mattered right now was getting up. […]

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