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For the people of Sokol station, the days were a blur of grey walled monotony. Industrial habitats like Sokol didn’t bother with luxuries like viewports or holodisplays. A Sokol-nik would wake up, go to work, meet his quota and return, exhausted, to the cramped pod he called home only to repeat the same cycle when […]

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Opportunity’s Call

If there is one universal constant it is Navy crewmen at berth. Man and woman alike disembark with the sole intention of satisfying the three basic Fs of survival. Feeding, fighting and fu- Reproduction. Icaria in her docking cradle was a ghost ship, bereft of the life that filled her bulkheads when she was underway. […]

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Chains That Bind

It is said that the right melodies can generate powerful emotions. There is nothing melodic about a Thrakon operator activating her magnetic boots to attach herself to a hull. In smugglers, the sound generates one single emotion. Dread.   Felix Porter was jerked awake in his bunk by the sound of alarms clamouring. A ship-wide […]

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Serve and Protect*

“I got a runner! Track my bug, in pursuit, suspect one hundred metres coreward of my beacon.”   The figure in flight sped up, weaving between the Rim citizens too slow to clear out of his way. His progress was hampered by the burning pain that seared through his head. The cause was clear, he […]

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Value of Nothing

Boom went the door as it came off its hinges. Bang went the gun as its owner fired at the silhouettes crowding the door frame. Bink went the Metropolitan stun grenade as it bounced across the floor. “Bugger,” wheezed the perp. —– Detective Jack Palmer always found it amazing how much information could be imparted […]

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Skirmish Sequence

“Battlestations! Battlestations!”   The cry resounded through the ship, carried throughout Lyssa’s Fury by the ship’s tannoy. The internal lighting flashed to danger red and the crew sprang into action.   Captain Galweigh finished sealing his survival suit’s helmet, gloved hands falling away from the Erracom brand on the lock. The suit connected to the […]

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The Press

“Mantikor!”   The cry was taken up by eight other voices and ended in a roar that all but drowned out the dull thump of the man’s head hitting the table. A stack of shot glasses rattled and fell, rolling around the table, but the score didn’t matter. What mattered right now was getting up. […]

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The Tribunal

Admiral William Redmon had always dreamt of being presented to the High Admiralty, to have his name on the lips of Hades 9’s most powerful Admirals. But not like this.   “Admiral Redmon, you stand here, charged with crimes against humanity. Do you understand the gravity of the charge?” That came from High Admiral Rannik […]

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Price of Command

They say that combat in the vacuum of space is silent. They are wrong.   “Contact. Port. Torpedo signatures. Twenty. 5 minutes 27 seconds to impact.” “Contact. Port. Stealthed vessel. Unknown armaments.” “Contacts. Prow. Antares Hammer class, one, 89% probability. Antares Sabre class, two.” “Vector signature. Prow contacts accelerating.” “Priority Alert! Starboard. Stealthed vessel. Launch […]

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Waste Not

Erinyes Salvage Yard is a living, breathing creature. Its form is vast, spanning an imperfect sphere several thousand kilometres across. A jump point makes its gaping maw and wrecked vessels are its body.   At any given time, hundreds of parasites crawl across it, salvage ships plying their trade. Blazing beams of light mark the […]

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