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“Serving Mankind” – Vattek Slogan Vattek ranks itself amongst Earthsphere’s oldest surviving corporations. It was founded not long after the second wave of arcologies were completed. Their core business, recycling industrial materials, secured a niche within the resource strapped arcologies during Earthsphere’s early years. As Earthsphere’s arcologies struggled with food shortages and overpopulation, Vattek diversified […]

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Generation L

“They have left us behind, but they shall not be allowed to forget us.” – Graffiti near ground-zero, Richmond Arcology As implants became commonplace in all strata of society there were increasingly larger disparities between those who owned implants and those who didn’t. Early implants were designed to expand human memory storage. They were crude […]

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The Electronic Brain

“Why create from scratch when we could digitize what nature has already given us after millions of years of its own iterative testing?” – Dr. Ivan Flick When Earthsphere saw the introduction of quantum supercomputers it came with the revelation that processing power and memory did not by itself create sapience. Machines of the 3rd […]

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