“A Navy investment that returns! Defend the future, safeguard mankind!” Navy Friendship Centre Poster

Stolos Bonds are part of our effort to raise funds for additional development. At its heart, you will be purchasing Hades 9’s webstore currency ahead of release at a discounted rate.

It bears repeating that we are not and will not ever be building a pay to win system. The web store will be primarily for in-game aesthetics, ship skins, interior skins, commander and crew uniforms and voice packs, ETC

We believe this isn’t healthy for the game.

So let’s get into what you’re getting.


The Hades 9 webstore will sell cosmetic and personalisation options from skins for fleets and flagships, cosmetic options to add greater depth to your Admiral, and even bridge models. Initially, we plan to provide the above. Later, we hope to add further personalisations such as voiced UI/adjutants, unique cosmetics for your commanders and more.
Discounted webstore currency using a rate of return based upon a percentage of the total price of the bond you purchase. (Don’t worry, I’ll use an example!)

Example: You purchase a bond at $40.
Every month you’ll receive a percentage of the bond’s value in webstore currency. In the example above, this is 8.3% ($3.32 of currency every month).
Come the 6th month, you’ll receive that percentage as well as the initial value of the bond in webstore currency, equating to a total value of $59.92.

Don’t worry. As shown in the example up there, we plan to make it very clear for you to understand exactly what you’ll be getting and when.

Assets. Content. Maintenance. Hades 9 is an MMORTS and not a static product. It isn’t something to be launched and dropped. The investment you provide will give us the ability to maintain our servers (the less sexy part of it) and allow us to focus on developing more content and expand the game (the much sexier part).
As part of our development, we will release runs of bonds, even after the game is launched. The rate of return on later issues will be less than the first run (because we would like to give extra to the people who decide to back us this early), but bonds will remain the most discounted method of purchasing webstore currency.
Bonds will always provide a discounted purchase of webstore currency.